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The Original Gentlemen: Season 3 Episode 17: The Last Theater

This week, things get intense as Chris, Martin, and Beau talk about some serious stuff. We ask big questions about culture and forgiveness for overstepping boundaries. We talk both the big OJ miniseries that came out last year and ask, did he do it? We discuss the first four episodes of the show Legion. And we talk about the brand new Mueller Alamo Drafthouse in Austin and its new added frills, launching into a discussion of what works in these new theaters and what still doesn’t. Also, comics. You subscribers at the Brown Coat level or above can listen to it right here.


The sign at the entrance to the Barrel o’ Fun bar at the Alamo Mueller Drafthouse


The wall o’ taps


Decorations in the bar


Signs for the carnival games


Another carnival game


Cool Close Encounters art display in a hallway junction


Those brand new super-comfy theater seats.

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