Highly Suspect Reviews: Ghost in the Shell


It’s Scarlett Johansson in the lead role of a human brain in a kick-butt robot body who learns all is not what she’s been told in an adaptation of the famous 90’s anime directed by the guy who did Snow White and the Huntsman. I think that about covers it. Chris, Rob, Herman, and Harris go into the deets and even deliver some spoiler talk after the ratings.

EDIT: Sorry, one of the mics was on the fritz and I didn’t realize till everybody was gone so the audio levels aren’t exactly even.


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5 thoughts on “Highly Suspect Reviews: Ghost in the Shell”

  1. I had a feeling this movie was going to be a hodgepodge of junk. They wanted their own bland basic story, but with the cool aesthetics and visual of the original movie.

    Now to see if this will be a flop in the box office, because that what I feel will happen.

  2. Gotta be honest here…Corporations are people. They have rights. The law is settled. Corporations do more good for the world in one day than all the film podcasters and Marxist universities in the world do in decades. You should be on your knees, Thanking Monsanto and Haliburton for making your quality of living so high!

    1. Alright I do not usually like to comment on old things but this is utter twisted nonsense. All the greatest technological breakthroughs like the internet, gyroscope in your phones and many more thing that make up an Iphone have been state sponsored and still are for the most part. Yes, innovation can come as the useful use of multiple technologies as something new but that doesn’t mean they invented it. And while i’m on that topic. No corporations are not people. It is a culmination of the side effects of ‘the free market’ that represent the greed that is left unchecked. People may work for corporations but corporations work for profit. Also, do you really want to get on your knees for parties that have been against many things you consider “a high quality of living’?
      – Food companies were historically known to be against food labeling
      – Many toxic products use in the making of clothing are not used in first world countries because governments banned them.
      – In america specifically: the EPA would not have come from companies like Exxon.

      You are twisting the growing innovation and means of production with a single entity that came out of it. Not the other way around. Seriously, I find it pretty funny you mention the law and ‘rights’ when the last decade of news is filled with tax evasion, and abuse of third world countries.

      If it wasn’t for regulatory groups, decades of reforms by the will of the people and strong competition that prevent monopolies, your high standards of living would look VERY different right now.

      Quick tip for the future: if you are ever ready to get on your knees for a single entity, foregoing any other factor that makes up your way of living as it is right now. Don’t be surprised when it goes south real fast. SMH, you sound like a Trump supporter dude. Please understand the delicate balance that maintains your way of life. Leave certain factors out and you will be left with an unchecked money hungry entity that is only dictated by profit. Like in every dystopian cyberpunk story.

      Furthermore, when big private entities fail, who do they usually go cry to for funding? Like, I don’t know, after the 2008 crisis?

      Some insight:
      The Smart State (Documentary) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_hwmapWFFw
      Mariana Mazzucato: Government — investor, risk-taker, innovator (Ted Talk): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3r1IPsldbBg

      Why tobacco is still thriving (John Oliver): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UsHHOCH4q8

      Food Inc. (2010 Film)

  3. I’m surprised by the largely lukewarm (if that) reaction to the original “Ghost in the Shell” from the One of Us crew.

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