Highly Suspect Reviews: Beauty & The Beast


The question: is there a good reason for Disney to do a live action remake of their animated classic Beauty & the Beast? We definitely come to a VERY split decision on this one. Whether it’s the quality, or lack thereof, of Emma Watson’s Belle, or of Dan Stevens’ unnecessarily CGed version of the Beast, we have a lot to discuss. Listen to Chris, Sarah, Frank, and Beau come to blows.


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5 thoughts on “Highly Suspect Reviews: Beauty & The Beast”

  1. Sarah should’ve been careful with discussing Emma. She gets shit for her work in the UN by men’s rights activist and right-wingers, the last thing they need is to mock her for her acting. Because of this politically charged era we’re living in, it’s gonna be hard to critique a film.

  2. Found this one to be completely forgettable. The extra backstory to the characters bogged the movie down and were completely unnecessary, new songs were not memorable, didn’t care for the overwhelming amount of CGI… but it is a well made movie. In terms of costumes, sets and production it’s great! I just wish they had taken chances like “The Jungle Book” did.

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