Digital Noise Episode 150: Double Triple Bill and Two-Thirds


It’s March madness with Marco and Richard as they stumble through the latest pile of DVD and Blu-ray releases. Expect lots of pre-teen misery, terrible role models, arguments about the best low-singer, weird auteurs, and a rather special top hat.

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2 thoughts on “Digital Noise Episode 150: Double Triple Bill and Two-Thirds”

  1. i miss digital noise. went to once a month it seems. Though i am happy with the new subscriber content and the new gaming show. They teased that there may be more content coming soon on the site. I eagerly await. Though Digital Noise still has a special place in my month. Helps inform me on what new Blu-ray’s are worth the “Pretty Nickle” (…as Canadians got rid of the “Penny”…lol)

    My wall of Dvds tempts me to run out and by blue ray copies of movies i already own, while also challenging my busy work week and limited free time as a creative content producer… thus i lack much time anymore to watch movies and play video games in the way i once did. This simply means both choosing what movie to watch and what Blu-ray to buy is a very important choice as it has to be not just a movie for movie’s sake, but be worth sacrificing those precious hours of free time. This tends to mean movies that i either would want to watch over and over again, and not just own for the convenience of watching easily if i so decide to. there is a great local Vancouver Dvd/Blu-ray rental place called “Black Dog Video” which is still thriving. Thus i still have at least one place in this city to go rent a Blu-ray if i simply want to experience it but don’t need to own it. a lot cheaper that way in the long run and it keeps my shelves from more clutter.

    I just wanted to take a moment to send you some love for what you do with this show, and tell you to keep up the great work. I can think of no other place that takes the time to sit down to watch and rate both the quality and value of the Blu-rays. You tell me if it is a crap port or a great restoration/high quality release, or complete junk not worth my money i should avoid. Also if the old movies are good and worth checking out for a view to see if i may want to own them forever. I have reached the ripe old age of 33 and discovered that spending hours of my life in front of a tv, makes the rest of the life i have left seem precious. Thus THANK YOU for informing me on what is HOT and what is NOT.

    Nuf, said.

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