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‘Baby Driver’ Trailer

Edgar Wright is back! For all of the fans of the Cornetto Trilogy and Scott Pilgrim vs the World, we finally get to see our beloved director back in action. It has been quite a while since we saw an Edgar Wright film and we were teased when he had to drop out of Antman, but at least now we know he has not fallen off the map.

Baby Driver is about a professional getaway driver named Baby who needs to perform one more heist to get his freedom from a group of gangsters. Unfortunately, events don’t go as planned and now he’s on the run for his girlfriend’s life and his own. Very cliche but that is where Wright shines. He can take any boring premise and elevate it beyond expectation.


The trailer seems to indicate that we’ll be getting all of the great action and comedy that Wright is known for. There is definitely going to be some great car chases intertwined with witty humor. We see a scene where a vehicle gets rammed under a truck and then we see a scene where the robbers argue about getting the wrong masks. There is also excellent casting with Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx, and Jon Hamm. The lead, played by Ansel Elgort, has only been in dramas and young adult film adaptations, so it will interesting to see his performance.

One thing that Edgar Wright has done in the past is to create properties that sound mediocre on paper and then transform them into brilliant satirical and celebratory works of art. Zombies, cops, alien invasion, and a obscure hipster graphic novel were all subjects he made into cult classics. So, from the looks of this trailer, we might have another one.

Baby Driver is a Sony Pictures release and will come to theaters August 11, 2017.

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