We Are Error Ep. 28: Underrated


Christopher Herman and Jon Romo talk about several underrated games that desperately need to be played. They also discuss Netflix’s Castlevania animated series, GameStop’s deceptive new program (fantastic reporting by Kotaku’s Jason Schreier), Mass Effect: Andromeda’s new morality system, and the newest update for Double Fine’s Psychonauts 2.

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3 thoughts on “We Are Error Ep. 28: Underrated”

  1. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/686eee6010229cd760a59107b17dc7464ee2d28d25ad0dc5377dfb5d1acb5c31.jpg That is some good underrated picks. My pick would be another Double Fine entry, “Brutal Legend”. Like playing a metal album come to life. And along with Jack Black, Jenifer Hale lends her vocals to the female lead. You know you want to fight hell beasts with half of Tenacious D and FemShep using literal musical mayhem!

  2. I can’t believe I forgot Spec Ops: The Line. One of the best examples of gameplay and game design meshing with the story for emotional and narrative effect. I felt legitimately depressed after playing that game. Don’t play an Uncharted game after playing Spec Ops. It will make you think Nathan Drake is an irredeemable douchebag instead of just a somewhat likable douchebag.

    I have also been informed by some of my friends that the term “balance” doesn’t work for the concept I brought up. For me, the big questions are: What is your story trying to do? and Do your gameplay and level design serve that purpose? I don’t know what the term for that would be. Integration maybe?

    In terms of underrated franchises, I will reiterate Dino Crisis. I still don’t get why that franchise died. People are no more sick of zombies than they are of dinosaurs and I would argue there hasn’t been a good dino hunting game in a long time. Also Perfect Dark should really be brought back and updated. The franchise was killed when its last game was a boring XBOX 360 launch title that nobody remembers, but I think the series’ mix of espionage combat with ridiculous alien weapons and enemies could make a comeback. It isn’t any more ridiculous than Gears of War or the Halo franchises. Other underrated franchises include Golden Sun (which probably won’t come back since traditional JRPG’s are dying out), and Remember Me (a combo beat em up that allows you to pick specific combos for quick access to design your combat style combined with a sci-fi future about people who steal and sabotage memories ala Inception).

    The reason Uncharted’s gameplay, particularly combat, doesn’t work for me is because it seems to go against the intentions of the rest of the game. The puzzles, wall climbing, and quick time event action sequences are well paced, flow well, and intentionally scripted to help you feel like the action hero in a pulpy action film like Indiana Jones. You know what I don’t remember from Indiana Jones? Long scenes of sitting behind cover and popping up to kill people again and again until everyone’s dead. The shooting scenes, even with helicopters or turret enemies, are repetitive and show little attempt to make them fun, different, or encourage creativity. Depending on difficulty setting, these fight scenes are either tedious or frustrating. Both of which are boring and don’t endear the game to me considering they take up such a large portion of it.

    There are too many overrated franchises, so I will keep this part short to avoid sounding like a troll: Assassin’s Creed (most of them suck), Telltale Games (at some point people have to stop defending the studio’s terrible “release it now, patch it later” tendencies just because they create good stories), God of War (fun but stupid), Halo (Why is Master Chief the main character of a story where literally everything else around him is more interesting?)

  3. First off thank you for the shout out and it is Van-der-po-el. You had it right the first time. I haven’t played Contra 4. I actually haven’t played a Nintendo system past the N64. Once PlayStation came out and 2 of my favorite game series were joining them and leaving Nintendo behind I ended up doing the same. Final Fantasy and Metal Gear.
    Spec Ops: The Line is amazing. Brutal Legend is great too. I was hesitant about Wolfenstein: New Order but once I played it I thought it was fantastic. Great mix of serious and emotional moments, fun gameplay, and the just plain weird. The part where the Nazi lady has her boy toy’s hand down her pants while showing you disturbed pictures will always stay with me.
    Other titles I’d like to suggest.
    Legends of Dragoon, Alice: Madness Returns, Assassin’s Creed: Liberation (I think Avaline was a great character and I really can’t think of another game who’s lead character is a black woman.), Folklore, Shadows of the Damned, Lollipop Chainsaw, Shadowrun

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