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The Four Horsewomen of the WWE

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It’s Wrestlemania season, folks! Pro wrestling fans across the globe are hyped and the internet is abuzz with excitement. This is great for me as it gives me the perfect excuse to talk about the Four Horsewomen.

For those wondering just who or what the hell are the Four Horsewomen, it is a group of influential female professional wrestlers who all got in to WWE around the same time, were part of the NXT brand together, and can now be found as staples on both Monday Night Raw and Smackdown Live. The Horsewomen, Charlotte Flair, Bayley, Becky Lynch, and Sasha Banks are so named as a nod to Charlotte’s father, Ric Flair, former leader of the super influential wrestling stable, the Four Hoursemen. While there were many other women involved in making women’s wrestling the phenomenon it is today, the influence these women had in making that happen is second to none.

But which Horsewomen is the best Horsewomen? Debate rages on this topic and a good argument could be made for any of these ladies filling the top spot. Today I’m going to give you the list as I see it.

One thing I want to make crystal clear, while I may be “ranking” these women, I am in no means suggesting that any of these women are lesser than the other. Also, before anyone gets started, nothing said here is in any way meant to demean or belittle these women, or any women for that matter, or treat them them with any less respect then they deserve. This is just a fan having a little fun, don’t try and turn this into something it’s not because I refuse to play that game.

With that seriousness out of the way, let’s get to it!


4. Sasha Banks

072116_sports_wwe_diva_sasha_banks_talks_leadHere comes the Boss! Sasha Banks in her short time has already become a three time Raw Women’s Champion and her passion for what she does comes through in everything she does. Sasha throws herself at big spots with an unmatched intensity, the ferocity at which she does things like suicide dives and frog splashes is a sight to behold. Sasha can play a good guy convincingly, but she is better at playing a tweener or straight heel. Sasha’s wrestling hero was Eddie Guerrero and this is reflected in her wrestling style and character work. She is very much her own person, but the Guerrero influences are noticeable and I think she would be the last person to complain about anyone comparing the two.

What puts Sasha in the number four slot are two things. Firstly there is the fact that despite having the belt multiple times since hitting the main roster she hasn’t been able to drive the women’s division very far on her own before dropping the title. Secondly, I have never felt a personal connection with Banks as much as I have with the other Horsewomen. None of this is Banks’ fault mind you, and I would consider myself an enthusiastic Sasha Banks fan. It is only in comparison to these other insanely talented women do I find my personal preference, truly the most fickle and subjective thing, not in her corner. Whatever the case, the Boss is one to watch.


3. Charlotte Flair

Charlotte-charlotte-wwe-39833274-736-414All hail the Queen! Charlotte only being number three on this list is going to easily be the most controversial thing on this list. Since her debut on the main roster in 2015 Charlotte’s career has skyrocketed with multiple titles reigns, an undefeated streak at PPV events, and is one of the top heels working today. Most of this new renaissance of women’s wrestling has been with her as the driving force as champ. Her in ring ability is off the charts, able to pull of high flying moves and more ground based work with almost flawless fluidity. It truly is easier to list what she can’t do in the squared circle then to attempt to list all the things she can.

Where Charlotte stumbles, and why she isn’t higher on this list, is her mic work. Her initial face run on the main roster was pretty painful and although she can cut a mean promo in her current heel persona I think that a good part of that is said persona is designed in a way to protect her from her shortcomings. It provides her a few central points to keep hammering home and limiting her need to improvise. She also is starting to suffer from a bit of overexposure. She is fantastic at what she does, but I’m a guy that champions mic versatility and in that department at the level she is at Charlotte could still use a bit more polish.


2. Becky Lynch

Becky-LynchHow many people want to kick some lass?! This pun-loving lady is the only Non-American born and raised Horsewomen, hailing instead from Ireland. She is also the only Non-American female wrestler on Smackdown Live, save Natayla, who is Canadian. Becky traveled the world wrestling well before joining the WWE. She has taken on any and all comers (including a battle with a can of pineapple) and made it entertaining. This gives Becky an unique international flair. She is known for her fiery will and determination and is well deserving of her nicknames, the Irish Lass-Kicker and Becky Balboa.

Becky is the most ground based of the Horsewomen, her style focusing on slams and strikes setting opponents up for her armbar submission, the Dis-arm-her with only a little top rope action to add some spice to the mix. She has snap arm drags that would make Ricky Steamboat jealous. Point is, Lynch isn’t there to be fancy, she’s there to kick ass.  The most interesting thing about Becky’s wrestling is how with only minor tweaks it can be made to fit either being a face or heel. This isn’t laziness, it is just the product of her no-nonsense solid wrestling technique and mic work.

Becky is the the most overlooked member of the Horsewomen. She is the only Horsewomen to not hold the NXT Women’s Championship and did not have any title gold in WWE until last year when she became the inaugural Smackdown Women’s Champ. WWE has begun to wake up and give Becky the love and attention she deserves, but she remains the most underrated and underappreciated of her four compatriots.


1. Bayley

BayleyIt’s hug life, baby! On paper, Bayley shouldn’t work. Hers is the story of the fangirl that made good. Her character is a throwback to late 80’s/early 90’s wrestling in style and appearance, her move set and gear being direct references to the wrestlers she grew up idolizing. She is about as pure a babyface as one could possibly be. If they ever did decide to have Bayley turn heel, it would be as big and shocking a twist and require as major an overhaul of the character as when the Hulkster did it back in ’96! In this modern age full of cynical and snarky fans how could someone like Bayley hope to connect with the audience?

What takes this terrible idea and turns it into a great one is the inherent sincerity in all Bayley does. Nothing about Bayley feels forced or false. Sure, her character is a bit of an exaggeration, but Bayley gets to play into her fandom and be the best version of herself night after night and you can tell in even the smallest things she does how much she adores every second of it.

Last week Bayley won her first Raw Women’s Championship and while this reign looks like it will be very short to protect Charlotte’s PPV win streak until Wrestlemania, for now, fans of the Huggable One can rejoice.

Watching Bayley is just fun and it makes you feel good. She has that natural “it” factor that so few people in any line of sports or media have. Each win she gets feels like a heartfelt struggle she had to overcome and win or lose she always gives 100% in the ring. Even when she flubs a line, botches something, or otherwise looks dorky it doesn’t matter because it all feeds into her persona as the woman that never gives up and embraces her dreams despite the naysayers. She makes you want to believe, and that’s why shes finds herself as numero uno on this list.

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