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Matt Reeves Will Direct ‘The Batman’

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There is good news for the DC extended universe in that they have found a good director for the upcoming Batman solo movie. Recently, Ben Affleck left the reigns as the director to focus primarily on acting in the title role. Matt Reeves who is known for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and the sequel War for the Planet of the Apes has officially been assigned to the film. There had been a lot of controversy surrounding the movie because of the outspoken criticism by Affleck and the apparent issues surrounding its production. There have been some speculation that Affleck was mostly frustrated by the lackluster reception of his own film Live by Night and the constant focus on the Batman movie by the media and fans.

Another issue that was brought up by Affleck was the screenplay. It had been reported that there was a need for a page one rewrite (Forbes), which meant a complete script overhaul. More good news is that Chris Terrio who co-wrote Batman v Superman and previously Argo has finished a new script and turned it in.  His previous works are of mixed quality but the studio and Affleck have commented that they like the script. Reeves has had an excellent repertoire and according to his words, he is excited to take on this project.


Let’s all hope for the best because Reeves has a tough road ahead of him. While he is an excellent director, there are many obstacles in his path. Studio interference and Zack Snyder’s horrible and convoluted cinematic universe are among them. He has shown in the past that he can handle complicated and dark material so we will see if he can help salvage this universe.

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