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Highly Suspect Reviews: The Great Wall

Matt Damon comes to China as the great white hero to save all the hapless Chinese folk…well, not so much. More like this: Damon (and The Red Viper from Game of Thrones) are looking for the mythical ‘black powder’ (IE: gunpowder) in China, and get captured by the elite Chinese guard at the Great Wall at exactly the worst possible time…when legions of freaky monsters are preparing to attack. Sure, Damon and Pedro Pascal are badass, but so is everybody with all their jumping and stabbing and flipping and cool Great Wall death machines…so yeah, this is a lot better than you might have expected/heard/been dubiously misled. Did you really expect a film by the legendary director Zhang Yimou was going to be flat-out terrible? Check out our review from Chris, Richard, Beau, and Kyle.

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