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Highly Suspect Reviews: Logan

Wolverine is old. He’s tired of all your shenanigans. He just wants to get drunk, do uber driving in his limousine, and bring even older-ass cranky Professor X his medicine so he doesn’t kill everyone with his dementia-addled mutant a-bomb of a brain. So, of course, somebody’s gotta f%$k up his groove. Another goddamn science company tinkering with mutants have screwed up his week by creating an adorable little girl version of Wolvie that needs his help. *SIGH* “Ok, FINE, let’s go”. He’s our hero. And director James Mangold should be too, creating what many are calling the best film in the entire X-Universe of movies. Some. Some of us even. Listen to Chris, Patience, Beau, Sarah, and Richard talk rather excitedly about the topic.

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