Highly Suspect Reviews: A Cure For Wellness


Gore Verbinski returns with his first horror film since The Ring…so, we were excited. A bit. I mean, did you see the trailer for this? Check this out…

Looks, kinda classy, spooky, arty, and has Dane DeHaan up in that big spooky house protagonizing the shit out of it. So, outside of a drunken pirate Johnny Depp showing up, what could go wrong? Um, lots. Listen to Chris, Patience, Richard, Beau and Carlos give you the reasons why.

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2 thoughts on “Highly Suspect Reviews: A Cure For Wellness”

    1. Also, I was getting a pretty strong Crimson Peak vibe from the trailers. Something I’m curious about, Chris, is which of the two would you rather sit through again?

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