Deliberations of Doom: Episode 5: David Cronenberg


…In which the Deliberations of Doom crew take an in-depth look at the horror (and horror-related) films of director David Cronenberg. We also review a freshly released to VOD horror film, Don’t Knock Twice


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2 thoughts on “Deliberations of Doom: Episode 5: David Cronenberg”

  1. birdy the critic

    Cronenberg is a director that I don’t know how to feel about. The only film I think is a great film is Eastern Promises. The rest that I have seen all have some sort of problem.

    1- I don’t like A History of Violence. I feel its an over-complicated and emotionally muted movie without as much depth as it thinks.
    2- The Fly is a good movie, but it isn’t scary. It’s gross, and ALMOST all of the makeup is amazing (the last suit before Goldblum goes full Brundle-Fly feels like a Power Rangers villain), but the film is too tragic to be scary. Visceral imagery doesn’t equal horror for me.
    3- I am confused why the script would be the best thing about The Dead Zone. My biggest problem with this film is the structure. It feels like a series of disconnected TV episodes that don’t all add up and contribute to the climax. The pacing is all over the place.

    Is there something I am missing about Cronenberg films? Are all of them scary the same way that The Fly is supposed to be? I think Cronenberg is a fascinating creative voice and an interesting storyteller, but as far as I have seen, his “horror” films are not horrifying. I just feel empty despite how good he is as a filmmaker.

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