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‘Imperial Dreams’ Trailer

Netflix Films may vary in quality but they are always interesting. They range from Adam Sandler to Beasts of No Nation so you never know what the new season will bring. Imperial Dreams is the newest film that looks to be on the better side of quality.

It is about a man and his son struggling to survive on the rough streets of Los Angeles. It appears that he was recently released from prison and is trying his best to stay reformed. He is an aspiring writer and also working to keep his young son safe and happy. It looks as though he will be facing various obstacles that stem from his environment. The most notable star is John Boyega who gets to use his American accent that made him famous in Star Wars: Force Awakens. He is always great at playing conflicted characters even going back to his teenaged hooligan character in the sci-fi thriller Attack the Block. He has this intense stare that invokes so much anguish and it is already present in the trailer.


The film has already gotten praised when it was released at Sundance in 2014 so we will see very soon if it is worthy of it. The film was directed by Malik Vitthal and will be released on February 3, 2017.

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