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Digital Noise Episode 147: The Return of that British Guy

Guess who’s back? Back again? Run for the hills as Richard returns from his home release hiatus, and re-unites with Marco to run through a heaping big pile, heavy on the horror, and the year’s most frightening documentary.

BluSadVacationReview   BluDogEatDogReview   BluDeepwaterHorizonReview

Empty Space

BluComingThruRyeReview   BluOpAvalancheReview   BluDeathMachinesReview

Empty Space

BluJCPresentsAmnesiaReview   BluJackFrosrReview   BluDrillerKillerReview

Empty Space

BluCHUDReview   BluCreepshow2Review   BluDevilLivesHereReview

Empty Space

BluTrainToBusanReview   BluZeroDaysReview

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