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‘Arrested Development’ Season 5 Cast Returns United

It should come as no surprise to anyone that all of the main cast are returning for Season 5 of the cult hit show, Arrested Development. But the best news by far is that it has been confirmed by producer and narrator Ron Howard that the cast has worked out the scheduling to actually film their scenes together! I know, I just blue myself too.



It was a long seven years after the Season 3 finale that Arrested Development junkies had to wait for Netflix to pick up the show where it left off after the Fox cancellation. Despite its rabid following, Season 4 was met with mixed reviews. The biggest criticism was that most of the actors were busy with their own projects after the show’s initial run and couldn’t find the time to film their scenes together. So naturally the revamp series reintroduced us to all the characters via solo episodes with occasional cross over scenes between the cast. Alas, the magic and writing felt off. The chemistry and recurring jokes were all gone and a number fans felt letdown.

Arrest Development has always been a touchy subject for serious television junkies. Ask any fan and they’ll tell you it was cancelled because it was ahead of its time. The writing and the humor really do take multiple viewings to get, and every time I re-watch it I catch a new joke off in the background that I haven’t before. I think another reason Season 4 was not so well received was for the same exact same reason. It was ahead of its time yet again. Creator Mitchell Hurwitz is perpetually stuck in the future and us mere present people never seem to appreciate him until its too late. The fans expected a rehash of all their favorite gags, but were instead introduced to a fresh new story telling device for the Bluth Family by non-sequential narrative.

Word is that production is close to if not already underway for season 5. Hopefully, this time there will be enough call back jokes to keep people satisfied while still staying years ahead of its time so that our future selves can relish in its genius. The news that everyone is coming back and will all be in the same room together is the first glimmer of hope for previously scorned viewers. And “there are dozens of us!”

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