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Highly Suspect Reviews: Passengers

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  • December 20, 2016December 20, 2016

Chris Pratt wakes up 90 years before he scheduled to on a long-distance sleeper spaceship. What’s a guy to do for the rest of his life, by himself, on a high-tech luxury liner? A lot, at first, but eventually boredom sets in, then misery, then suicidal ideation…is it any wonder he ended up staring wistfully at Jennifer Lawrence’s sleeping body in her creche? Is it any wonder he sabotages her pod so that she wakes up early too and tells her it was an accident like his so they can fall in love? Is it any wonder that we’re all like, “I’m sorry film but WHAT?” But don’t worry, we gots lots of other stuff to be complainy about this one. Check out Chris, Beau, Frank, and JC on the review.

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