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Highly Suspect Reviews: Lion

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Saroo Brierley was a tiny little tot of an Indian kid when he got separated from his family by falling asleep on a train which ended up on the other side of the continent. But he was lucky in that he was frickin’ adorable and was adopted by an Australian family (Nicole Kidman and David Wenham) who took him to Tasmania to grow up in relative luxury.

Flash to many years later and adorable little Saroo has grown up into Dev Patel. He’s got a steady girl (Rooney Mara), a promising future, but then his memories start returning of that time before this family, his other family who he lost, and he starts obsessing over how to reconnect with them. Enter the real star of this film, Google Earth. Are we sure they didn’t produce this? Chris, Beau, Frank, Herman, and JC aren’t so sure. Listen to their review here. Or watch the video version!

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