We Are Error Ep. 16: The PS3’s 10th Anniversary


After going over the best-selling games of October 2016, Christopher Herman and Jon Romo dive right into the news and discuss the murky future of the Titanfall franchise, the most recent leaks surrounding TellTale’s rumored Guardians of the Galaxy game, Ubisoft’s efforts to move away from heavily scripted titles, and the latest delay to hinder The Last of Us film adaptation.

Though the week’s biggest news stories are always fun to talk about, this particular episode is dedicated to the 10th anniversary of Sony’s third home video game console, the PlayStation 3. Along with discussing the console’s launch, library of games, online programs, controversies and various iterations, the two ponder the PS3’s legacy and debate it’s ranking in the pantheon of PlayStation consoles. Much saltiness and giant enemy crabs ensue. Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “We Are Error Ep. 16: The PS3’s 10th Anniversary”

  1. I’m generally finding criticisms of Telltale games loading glitches to be both tiresome and a little unfair. From what I’ve played on the PS4 it’s vastly improved from the PS3 era, and let’s not forgot that a full season pass (here in the UK) usually costs around £16, versus £40-60 for a standard full length game. To expect total perfection for a fraction of the cost is to me unfair, and if you’re looking at a Telltale game for a graphical/technical showcase ur looking in the wrong place anyway.
    Not that these games are perfect, but the relevant criticisms to me are things like your choices not being important enough or not having any relevant impact on the outcome.

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