Digital Noise Episode 144: Baby, It’s Cold Outside


Chris and Joe go head-to-head on a big stack of home releases and it’s up to you to decide who is right and who is wrong about them! (ok, so they only really disagree strongly on one title but it’s a whopper). Listen to the blu-ray and dvd reviewing madcap antics right here!

Wait, “Listen to the blu-ray and dvd reviewing madcap antics?” What the hell? *sigh*

blukingofpigsreview   bluthefakereview   bludarkwaterreview

Empty Space

bluskiptracereview   blumenandchickenreview   blunightofgrizzlyreview

Empty Space

bludeathrowgameshowreview   blunightmaresistersreview   blulightsoutreview

Empty Space

blustartrekbeyond   blubatmanreturncrusadersreview   bluimperiumreview

Empty Space

bluintobadlandss1review   blubettercallsauls2review

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3 thoughts on “Digital Noise Episode 144: Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

  1. Ric John Manalastas

    Harlin’s done three (maybe four) films I can enjoy watching anytime: Cliffhanger, The Long Kiss Goodnight, Deep Blue Sea and his take on Die Hard with a Vengeance called 12 Rounds.

    Shame for Skiptrace, although Railroad Tigers looks promising. While waiting for that film, I’ll check back Jackie Chan’s more dramatic work (1911, Shinjuku Incident), seeing that its above-average that you don’t give any credit or allow a chance for Jackie to evolve somewhat beyond his typical action-comedy fare.

    I’ve listened to your opinion on the Sabotage scene, and I respectfully disagree with your stance on that scene and its a perfect full circle for this rebooted franchise from the first film. I can’t picture any other piece of music that can make it work.

    1. 1- Agree with all of those except 12 Rounds.
      2-I wasn’t too thrilled with the trailer for Railroad Tigers. Nor have I been a huge fan of his dramatic work (although it wasn’t awful or anything). Sure, I’d love for Jackie to evolve but he hasn’t shown any signs lately of trying to do so.
      3-Once again, the problem wasn’t the choice of song, the problem was that everything else about the scene made no sense.

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