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The Unnamed Interview Show: The House of Torment

Chris got a chance to get a full behind the scenes tour of the haunted house named the #1 scare attraction in America according to Hauntworld Magazine, The House of Torment. The tour that he got to film included scares, booze, food, schwag, and a full interview with the two guys who made all this happen, Jon Love and Dan McCullough.

Not only have these guys built this huge and scary place every year for a decade or so, but they own Thirteenth Floor Productions which has built award winning scare attractions all over the country. Chris got in-depth with them about how to get started in the Haunted House industry, what’s involved, and what’s the most fun about it. That’s not all, as there’s plenty of spooky behind-the-scenes video and also a bonus audio review of their full House of Torment experience going through as customers by Chris, Herman, Frank and Kyle. Check it out.

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