Highly Suspect Reviews: Shin Godzilla


Chris Cox and Matt Frank (duh) get together to review Japan’s latest entry in the most popular monster series in the world. Japanese audiences seem to be responding positively to the new film but what will Westerners think?


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3 thoughts on “Highly Suspect Reviews: Shin Godzilla”

  1. “What will Westerner’s think?” Something between “why aren’t they talking in english?” and “Where’s Brian Cranston/Matthew Brodrick?”

  2. Really surprised to hear there’s so much negativity surrounding this film with some people, it already ranks among the most interesting and compelling Godzilla films I’ve ever seen. Then again I hated Final Wars and after the snoozefest of 2014 I’m overjoyed at the decision to do away with boring extraneous human characters and their uninteresting sub-plots and focus entirely on the Godzilla problem/social commentary.
    And I think calling it a ‘comedy’ is a misunderstanding, once you have literal rivers of blood in your movie I think the term ‘dark satire’ is more appropriate. As for the negative portrayal of America, hey, you guys created Godzilla by dropping Nuclear bombs on Japan in the first place so what do you expect? America has it’s own Godzilla franchise now, I think having Japans Godzilla films deal with Japanese concerns (as they originally did) is entirely fitting, and if you’re any kind of fan of Godzilla or world cinema in general you should be able to deal with that.

    1. Man, I’m not saying a Japanese Godzilla movie SHOULD be made to suit American concerns. In fact, I’m pretty sure I was damn specific on that. I said that to an American it’s pretty confusing and not as appealing. There IS a difference.

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