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‘Get Out’ Trailer

When the news dropped last year that Jordan Peele (the latter half of Key and Peele) would be writing and directing a horror movie, the news was met with genuine intrigue and anticipation. Peele’s show was always deeply rooted in sketch comedy, but occasionally ketches did tow the line between comedy and horror.



What would this project be? A horror-comedy, or something more straightforward? Well, the first trailer for the film – titled Get Out – has dropped, and it looks even more unique than we had hoped.


The trailer offers a glimpse of the premise, which seems to utilize a number of racial and class issues that are rarely seen in wide-release horror movies. Much like the Wes Craven film The People Under the Stairs, there appears to be a healthy bit of social commentary going on here along with the scares.

Parts of the trailer definitely tow the line between satire and flat-out comedy, especially the bit with Keith Stanfield shaking Daniel Kaluuya’s fist instead of going in for the fist-bump. However, the laughs seem to be purposeful here instead of unintentional. There’s a playful energy to this footage that bodes well.

Get Out arrives in theaters this February.

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