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The Promise Trailer

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The Promise stars Oscar Isaac (The Force Awakens, Inside Llewyn Davis), Christian Bale (The Dark Knight Trilogy, The Big Short), and Charlotte Le Bon (The Walk, The Hundred-Foot Journey) stuck in a love triangle during the Armenian Genocide in the last days of the Ottoman Empire.



Christian Bale’s performance seems reminiscent of his John Miller role in Flowers of War (2011), with a raspy voice, exhaustion, and desensitization, portraying a foreigner lost in wartime. Oscar Isaac is his opposite, an Armenian man stuck in the midst of a holocaust, grounding Bale, speaking at one point, “how wonderful it must be to go back to the comfort of your American home and write about it.”


Charlotte Le Bon is in the first third of the trailer as an Armenian love interest before the politics take over with Bale and Isaac starting their journey. Performances, set design, and costumes pop from beginning to end. Terry George (Hotel Rwanda) is behind the camera here yet again recording important but often unheard historical events.

The Promise arrives late 2016.

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