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INFESTATION: Fantastic Fest 2016 Episode 1: “Safe Neighborhood”, “Sweet Sweet Lonely Girl”, and “A Dark Song”

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The barrage of Fantastic Fest review posts for 2016 begins and what better way to start it out than with our friend and frequent collaborator, Jason Murphy. Chris and Jason run down three of the Fantastic Fest films they’ve seen and discuss for your amusement and best shopping value…



Director Chris Peckover and writer Zach Kahn bring you this Christmas-timed horror tale that is definitely one of the big hits of the festival this year. Starring Levi Miller, who you might remember as Peter in Pan (but don’t hold that against him), and Olivia DeJonge & Ed Oxenbould who played brother and sister in The Visit, this twisty comedy-ish horror, about a babysitter dealing with a crush from the kid she’s sittin’, will deliver a gut punch that’ll have you reeling.


Writer/Director A.D. Calvo delivers this very 70’s horror style tale of Adele (Erin Wilhelmi)m kind of a wallflower of a girl who takes a job living with and taking care of her spinster and wildly agoraphobic (she won’t even open the door to her room) elderly Aunt Dora. There’s not much to do but she eventually wanders out to the town and fixates on/forms a friendship with the wild and sexy Beth (Quinn Shephard). Together they make some poor choices that lead to, you know, supernatural stuff. Or something.



This little how-to guide to summing ancient forces to obey your will is the product of writer/director Liam Gavin. He’s called forth the story of Sophia (Catherine Walker) who in her single-minded determination to not deal with her reality has found and paid Joseph (Steve Oram) to guide her through the extremely complicated and lengthy magic ritual to bring forth dangerous and ancient supernatural assistance.

Big thanks to Jason for joining me on this. Be sure to download his book The Black Goat Motorcycle Club now, because folks are poking around at it already for a film adaptation and you’ll want to say you read it before it was a huge thing. Also you can watch him and magician Brian Brushwood on their show The Modern Rogue.

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