Highly Suspect Reviews: The Hollars

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You can never really go home again. Or at least if you do, you might find everyone there has turned into exaggerated cartoon versions of people. I don’t think that was John Krasinski’s intent when he directed and played the lead role in this dysfunctional family film, but that’s what Chris, Herman, and Frank thought.

Krasinksi plays John, the kid who moved away, but is called back home when his mother (Margo Martindale) has a large brain tumor that needs operating on. His brother (Sharlto Copley) is a mess, his father (Richard Jenkins) and his business are a mess, his ex-girlfriend (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and her new insecure husband (Charlie Day) are a mess….the only people who seem to have the faintest grasp on reality are John and his very pregnant girlfriend (Anna Kendrick) and even then…not so much. Will John be able to get his own shit together? Will Margo survive her operation? Will Sharlto completely lose it and start madly mugging at the camera for attention? All these questions and more will be answered…if you watch the movie. We’ll just tell you what we thought about all of it and if the movie is as big a mess as the characters in it.


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