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Highly Suspect Reviews: Masterminds

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This is Chris swearing that he ABSOLUTELY didn’t leave this review to Herman, Jon and Kyle to do without him just because it’s directed by Jared Hess. I would NEVER do that to them….without a really good reason. Which is Fantastic Fest, but I can’t say I’m not grateful for the timing.

The film follows Zach Galifinakis as a night guard at an armored car company who planned and executed one of the biggest bank heists ever. True story. Except for the Zach Galifinakis part. He just plays the guy. But he’s helped by Kate McKinnon, Owen Wilson, Kristen Wiig, Jason Sudeikis and Leslie Jones…with a cast like that it can’t be all bad, right? It appears our intrepid group of unusual suspects have some differing opinions on that.

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