Five and Out 145: Random Trivia You Should Know 1


Listener submitted! This week Wes and Steve discuss a big scare in Wes’s life, and our Top 5 Random Trivia you Should Know! Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Five and Out 145: Random Trivia You Should Know 1”

  1. 5. Before deciding on a voice actor, names such as Tim Curry and Laurence Fishburne were suggested for the voice of The Beast in Beauty and The Beast

    4. Until 2011, Power Rangers was banned from airing in New Zealand due to complaints of violence despite being filmed there.

    3. The Rocky Horror Picture Show was originally supposed to start out in black and white until Brad and Janet got to Frank N Furter entered the film and his lips would be the first sign of color while the rest of the movie would still be in Black & White and then it would slowly transition into color.

    2. During the scene in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, when you see Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny on screen together, Warner Brothers and Disney agreed that Bugs and Mickey had to have the same amount of screentime and the same amount of dialogue. One’s line could not be longer than the others.

    1. Before recording Kermit The Frog’s songs for The Muppet Christmas Carol, Steve Whitmire, who was taking over the role of Kermit after Jim Henson passed away was very nervous about taking on such an iconic role but got reassurance from Jim Henson in a dream.

    “According to Whitmire he was incredibly nervous about taking over such an iconic character. The night before he had to go record Kermit’s songs for the movie, he had a dream where he met Henson in a hotel lobby and told him how unsure he was. In the dream, Henson reassured Whitmire that the feeling would pass. After waking up, Whitmire was confident and able to do the part”.

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