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Digital Noise Ep 140: The Weiner’s in the Microwave

Joe and Chris get back to their more traditional antics as they discuss a heapin’ helpin’ of home release movies this week. Although there’s no TV reviews, per say (check the last TWO Digital Noise eps that came out last week for that), our giveaway of the really fun show Lucifer should bring this all full circle.

BluObservanceReview   BluHighRiseReview   BluSavedReview

Empty Space

BluAmericanNinjaReview   BluAmericanNinja2Review   BluMicrowaveMassacreReview

Empty Space

BluWeinerReview   BluMaggiesPlanReview   BluManKnewInfinityReview

Empty Space

BluBloodstainedButterflyReview   BluRatchetClankReview   BluNiceGuysReview

Empty Space

BluDerBunkerReview   BluChimesMidnightReview   BluLuciferDVDS1Review

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