Digital Noise Ep 139: 2016 TV Spectacular Pt 2


Our two-part run on the giant stack of TV season blu-rays we got sent continues this week as we take on some horror shows and more. Now, be warned: some of these can be spoilery (specifically looking at the Supernatural Season 11 review) so be careful going in. But thanks to this great group of guest reviewers I brought in, it’s guaranteed to be lots of fun..

BluAshEvilDeadS1Review   BluWalkingDeadS6Review   BluSupernaturalS11Review

Empty Space

BluLuciferS1Review   BluTheAffairS2Review   BluTheKnickS2Review

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4 thoughts on “Digital Noise Ep 139: 2016 TV Spectacular Pt 2”


    See, the Glenn fake-out is why I had a problem with The Walking Dead’s cliffhanger this season. I have no problem with cliffhangers because, like you guys say, all shows have cliffhangers. If people genuinely had a problem with cliffhangers, no one would keep watching Game of Thrones.

    My problem was that they already had one huge death cliffhanger that didn’t pay off very well, so having another in the same season felt excessive. It might have made the Negan scene more interesting if they didn’t do the Glenn arc, because that way we would have more genuine suspense as to who Negan killed. Instead, it felt like they only did it to pull the rug out from under comic readers to subvert their expectations, but not as cleverly or deftly as something like how Civil War handled Crossbones. The way they played the Negan scene was also kind of an awkward way to end the episode on structure wise, but that’s based on personal opinion of course.

  2. I actually really like this format of having multiple reviewers on a podcast for different segments. It’s really engaging for me as a listener and it gives freshness to each segment. Very fun!

  3. I find it amusing that Chris Cox is complaining about the need for “planned obsolescence” in narrative TV in the West and then doesn’t understand why anyone could be getting tired of repetitive plot-lines and drawn out character beats in the Walking Dead or Supernatural.

    To quote Honest Trailers on The Walking Dead, “Get ready for a show built on the premise that any main character can die at any moment that has devolved into a show where any side character can die at any moment.” I’m sick of Rick and his son and I don’t really care about Michonne or Derle. Sorry.

    As for other shows on this show, I do like Lucifer in spite of the fact that it is less interesting than the source material mainly because of the lead actor. I haven’t watched The Knick yet, but I love Clive Owen and Steve Soderbergh so I really want to at least watch the first season. I’m…curious about the affair. Dominic West is an actor I love if nothing else.

  4. I respect your guys’ opinion but I disagreed with you on almost everything about The Walking Dead. Personally I think it’s one of the most mediocrely written shows around right now and the times they use CGI always looks awful.

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