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Digital Noise Ep 138: 2016 TV Spectacular Pt 1

It’s not going to be business as usual this week. In fact, you can expect THREE episodes of Digital Noise in relatively quick succession over the next few days. This being the first, is the first of two television only shows. We got sent SO many TV season sets all at once, I figured why not just make a whole other DN episode just of those reviews. And then they kept coming and I thought, why not just make TWO whole other shows just of those reviews…

To shake things up even more, I got a whole bunch of guest stars, mainly to seek out folks who’d actually watched the shows in question so we could have in-depth discussions of them. This week features, Joe, Harris, Mike, and Martin joining me on the mic. Even more tomorrow. Enjoy!!

BluLegendsTomorrowS1Review   BluNarcosS1Review   BluBluntTalkS1Review

Empty Space

BluArrowS4Review   BluTheFlashS2Review   BluGothamS2Review

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