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Digital Noise Ep 137: Bizarro Richard and Absurdist Marco

For the first time together, Chris and Marco take the reigns of our blu-ray dvd show this week, covering all the best, and not-so-best, of the week’s home releases. Plenty of surprises and some seriously weird stuff fill up this week’s show, a guest appearance by our friend Dimitry in our TV reviews section, and on top of all that, we’ve got a blu-ray of HBO’s incredible film Confirmation to give out. Check it out!

BluLazerTeamReview   BluTheLobsterReview   BluSummerCampReview

Empty Space

BluTheTrustReview   BluKeanuReview   BluFemaleScorpion

Empty Space

BluBasketCase2Review   BluBasketCase3Review   BluHaltCatchFire2Review

Empty Space

Blu112263Review   BluSupergirlS1Review   BluHologramForKingReview

Empty Space

BluRaidersFanFilmReview   BluConfirmationReview

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