Highly Suspect Reviews: The Secret Life of Pets


The folks behind all those Minions movies bring you this story of your pets and what they do when they find themselves separated from the comfortable confines of your home out into the real world. Basically, revert to their animal natures, become a bunch of assholes, and then probably die. But I dunno, I didn’t see this one. But Herman and Elliott did so I (Chris) interrogate them on the successes and failures of this latest animated theatrical release.


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6 thoughts on “Highly Suspect Reviews: The Secret Life of Pets”

  1. The heat with Herman is fierce this review. I approve. All that rich, cutting critique.

  2. When I saw the first trailer I thought the movie was going to be more of a collection of stories about pets in a city/building. I was seeing something more like Pulp Fiction…. Have 10 – 15 minute outings with a single pet, see their life, then move on, eventually weaving together the stories in a cohesive view of the secret life of pets. Hell I thought that you could start with one dog, follow him, then when they go to the dog park, follow a different character home.

    You guys nailed it in your comparison’s to other films and stories. My partner pointed out that it’s trying to be Toy Story…. but we all know Toy Story and you don’t want that comparison because you are going to come up short every time.

    Great review guys!

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