Highly Suspect Reviews: Ghostbusters


I ain’t afraid of no…Ghostbusters review backlash. Ok, maybe a bit. But that’s ok, because, as you might imagine, our review of the new Ghostbusters remake/reboot/? is at times a bit angry. Towards the nay-sayers, that is. Because our crew (Sarah, Elliott, and JC) thought this sucker was not merely a phantom of the former film but a towering giant of a ectoplasmic disturbance! (that means they liked it)


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83 thoughts on “Highly Suspect Reviews: Ghostbusters”

  1. I’ll probably get around to seeing this movie very soon. And I’m somebody who was actually on board with the concept and the cast and really wanted to see it until every trailer just dashed my hopes and dreams. But people’s reactions have given me hope again (also, I’m more than willing to defend Angry Video Game Nerd and his opinion). Also, another reason I wasn’t really looking forward to it until now was because a lot of the people defending it automatically pile people like me, who didn’t like the trailers because they didn’t make it look funny, into a group of 40 something misogynist douchebags who still live in their mom’s basement (basically my dad), and I don’t like being compared to those people. So, bottom line, I’ll see it at some point and be completely fair to it.

    1. You know what, just ignore what I wrote above. I AM NOT GOING TO SEE THIS MOVIE. Not in the theater. Not on blu-ray. Not on demand. Not for free on TV/Netflix. NEVER. And the reason is this: I am so sick and tired of all of the arguing back and forth from both sides, and I would not like to be subjected to the same kind of unfair treatment that anybody who mentions the film in any context is given (I.e. being called “sexist”, death threats, being told to kill myself or that I’m a worthless cunt). I was already irritated by the unnecessary hatred towards Angry Video Game Nerd, but I just now discovered the loathesome reaction to Richard Roeper’s review of the film. The pure shitstorm that this movie has started is the type of thing that causes me to question not only why I’m on social media, but how humanity in general has sunk to such an unfathomable low, and I want absolutely no part of it. I’m not saying I love the film or hate it, I can’t possibly because I haven’t seen it and I’m never going to. Anybody who loves/hates the movie for reasons within the actual film rather than the concept, more power to you. Enjoy it/hate it all you want, I’ll never be able to join either of you, and that’s what makes this all the more frustrating. But I would much rather continue to go unnoticed and mind my own business than to be the center of attention in the worst way imagineable, because that’s what is guaranteed to happen if I see this film and give my opinion on it, whether I hate it or whether I love it. This is my last word on this topic, I’m not going to bring this up again, and when I do make a comment on this or any other site, it will never be in relation to this film.

  2. I currently didnโ€™t see the movie. I might but right now I donโ€™t know. Why I had issue with the movie. One, if it a new reboot and want to stand alone. Why are there so many references to the original in the movie? why does it have so many members of the original cast appear in the movie that are not there character from the original. If you want to do reboot fines stand alone like how Batman Begins, Dredd and Amazing Spiderman did. By getting most of the original cast they could have easily made a pasting down a torch movie that can pay respect to the old and push forward to make something new. like how Star Wars Force Awaken and Star Trek movie, I donโ€™t understand this movie, this movie want to stand alone but push so much nostalgia in your face. It like a teenage moving out of their parentโ€™s house because they want to be independent but asking Dad for money. And two, they need to change title to something to separate from the original. Like Ghostbusters Ghostly Beginning, Ghostbusters New Generation. By having so many reference and cameos it force people to compare and not treat it like it own franchise.

    1. I 100% agree with you that it should have stood alone. It feels like the references to the original were warranted by the studio (and possibly the negative feedback) which is why the cameos don’t work. At all. Thankfully, they’re just that. Cameos. They come and go really quickly and don’t get in the way at all. If that’s your *only* objection, give this a shot. It might surprise you.

  3. James Rolfe (“The video game nerd” as you put it) just saying very calmly he have no interest in seeing it, only made a video saying it because his fans (which I’m not) kept bugging him, and idiot SJWs and the spineless media like you guys keep lambasting him as a “douchey sexist manbaby”, grow the f*ck up. As for me, being aware of all the awful behind-the-scenes stuff, being disgusted by the childish backlash to the criticism, and Sony’s transparent damage-control fiasco, I have no interest in seeing it either.

      1. Double standards, lots of women on youtube criticized the trailers too, not just her. Since it doesn’t fit into the narrative, that usually glossed over entirely

    1. James Rolfe lives in a bubble where he doesn’t understand Internet backlash and culture. He’s really behind on so much shit. You would ignorant to NOT notice the sexism against the movie. Granted, it should not be news because Rolfe is an entertainer not an actual critic which fanboys obsess over. I don’t mind him not wanting to see the movie if he actually stays sticks to his guns, but that dude was ignorant enough to complain “A little fanservice goes a long way.” That’s some petty, fanboy crap.

      1. He doesn’t need to understand internet backlash and he can be behind on as much as shit as he want, his video was as straight-forward as possible, and didn’t deserves that level of mind-numbing idiocy threw his way. If was all about misogyny being dominate in culture, movies like the new Star Wars (lead is a young woman) or Mad Max: Fury Road (cast is mostly women) would had bombed. People are shitting on this movie, because it looks like shit, and most people after seeing it are probably still going to think it’s shit. Only thing this movie represent is the desperate attempt of a movie studio that ran itself into the ground. Sony had yet another stinker to the Reboot/Remake/Rehash hall of shame (Hey Robocop remake, how you doing?), so they played up the idea that all of criticism was misogyny, simple, you have don’t any interest in seeing the movie or criticize all shady shit that went into making it, you’re a sexist by default. They do anything to get all of our asses in the theaters, including blatantly manipulation.

  4. I like how you’ve taken the same tact as the makers of the film by labelling the 90% of people who have legitimate worries going in based on everything they’ve seen and heard both in the trailers and behind the scenes as being no different to the 10% of assholes who just want their ghostbusters to have dicks for some reason.
    Most reboots are met with a negative response cos guess what, the vast majority of them end up sucking and being forgotten within a month, I guess now nobody is allowed a descenting or questioning opinion without being labelled a monster. I will at some point see this film with as open a mind as possible, though as the makers of the film have spent months telling me I’m just a sad loser who lives in my mothers basement (which I don’t), and now you have joined them in doing this, I really don’t see why I should bother.

    1. Repeating my previous comment and statement in the review: You can dislike that film. That is fine. It’s the fact that people (not necessarily YOU specifically) were judging the film without seeing it. That was unfair.

      1. My main issue is the blanket statement made in the review that anyone who says they have doubts about the film for any reasons other than sexism are either in denial or liars. That is unfair.
        And isn’t the entire purpose of a trailer so that you can ‘judge’ the film before seeing it?

        1. Regarding your comment on judging a film based on the trailer is on point so don’t expect a response from Sarah.

      1. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

        As I mention on the Facebook page, I agree with You on Angry Video Game Nerd/James Roplhe. To quote : “I found his video “I refuse to review this movie for the sake of the film having the name Ghostbusters” childish. If he don’t want to watch this movie it’s fine but to make a public statement about his protest just felt unprofesional, silly and honestly He felt like a person who have way to high opinion of himself.”

        I remember when that video came out and me and my friend where criticizing it in a comic book store and third friend (who was very biased toward the movie) automatically jump-in to conversasion and standed talking how James wasn’t sexist in anyway and bearly talk about the gander of the characters. We NEVER said he was sexist, just that we find this need to make a stand stupid but he automatically that’s the only reason why we hated his video.

        I just find irratating the way this movie was boycoted by bunch of crybabie ๐Ÿ™ and Rolphe was part of the problem. I don’t think that anybody who dodn’t care about this movie is sexist (well, exepct for the assholes that directly offended the actresses, these guys sucks the most) but whenever I heard the entrie “This raped my childhood” bit rubs me the wrong way.

        Agian good review ๐Ÿ™‚ I just hope we hear opinion from Chris Cox as well ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. I’m almost certain you haven’t watched his video if you thought his argument was simply “I refuse to watch this movie for the sake of it having the name Ghostbusters”.

          James Rolfe has a huge fucking audience. Two million subs. He was getting inundated with people asking for his opinion on the film, seeing as he had talked about the previous films and games and mentioned how big of a fan he was. He put out the video as a statement to those who had asked him to review the movie, saying that his love and bias towards the original would invariably taint his opinion of the new one, and that instead of a review of the new film he would talk about the cancelled Ghostbusters 3 instead. I’m not a fan of AVGN, but that sounds pretty reasonable to me.

          But he did not deserve the absolute BATTERING he got from the press. No fucking way did he deserve it, and if you think that’s OK, then you’re a shitty person. Professional journalists (read: PROFESSIONAL) resorting to ad hominem attacks, going after his family on social media, simply because he said something negative about a movie with women.

          And you’re wondering why your friend thought you were calling him sexist, when every major media outlet attacked the guy and called him one.

          1. Well I obviously seen his video, other wise I woudn’t comment on it (unlike some people who attack this movie without watching it first)

  5. I understand that there are those out there who say sexist things in relation to this movie- I never thought it was a bad move to go all female. At all.

    I had concerns with what I saw in the trailer- it looked just like a typical reboot cash grab, that tried to remind you of the original at every turn, (library ghost sub in, and then later- gigantic thing attacking the city). I’d rather had seen something new. Also the style of humor it seemed to evoke; sassy black woman, and over the top sight gags- ghost out right puking on Kristen Wigg.

    I really do not appreciate being called sexist for having reservations. I want the movie to be good, but will listen to a few reviews before I see it.

    If I am wrong on this, and the writing backs it up (which you guys seem to say it does) then I am wrong- but my hesitation has nothing to do with the casting choices and everything to do with the writing/presentation of it.

    1. It’s like this; if you’re (the general ‘you’ not you specifically) a reasonable person there’s really no need to defend yourself against sexism accusations. We’re aware not everyone is sexist.

      It’s like if someone says to me “all murders are dickless assholes!” I’m not going to feel the need to say that I’m not a dickless asshole because I’ve never murdered anyone. That’s how generalized statements work.

      It sounds like you’re willing to give the film a shot, which is great. Not saying you have to love it, and if you’re approaching it with a truly open mind, kudos. You’re one of the good ones.

      1. Maybe I heard it wrong- but it sounded like Sarah was outright saying that if you didn’t like the movie without seeing it, that you were in denial and covering up your sexism.

        I see here that she has clarified what she meant a bit more.

        I enjoy most of all of the reviews that you guys do- I guess this one was more targeted then I had expected.

  6. My disinterest in seeing this movie has nothing to do with it starring women.That at least gives it slightly more of a reason to exist than if it had been a complete copy of the original. It simply doesn’t look funny to me.

    1. And that is fine and fair. No one is forcing you to see a film you’re not interested in. You don’t podcast for Oneofus.net, where we’re forced to watch Pixels and Hot Pursuit.

  7. I’m really not all that keen on this review.

    When you guys get to “Final Thoughts” there was barely any commentary on the actual quality of the movie. All I got from the review was really “It’s not a perfect movie, but its great. Kate McKinnon is good, bad pacing, and some jokes fail.” There’s a lot of love on this podcast for what the movie stands for and what the movie represents, but not a lot of actual discussion on what the film succeeds at. It’s 29 Minutes of Complaining about Sexist Trolls (that I don’t normally mind, fuck them) and only 3 Minutes of Review the movie.

    Hopefully some more focus next time.

    1. Agreed, it’s been a while since I was unable to finish a One of Us review but I tuned out after five minutes. Apparently, I’m an asshole for not liking this. Okay, thanks.

      1. I’m going to have to agree. Thats why I prefer Chris or Beau, who are the more insightful critics with that load of knowledge they always take with them. As a fan of the first Ghostbusters, I have to say that from all the trailers, this movie did not look at all entertaining anf this is coming from a person who thought it was a smart idea to do an all female cast.

      2. If you had listened to the whole thing, you would have heard me say, “You don’t have to like this film. That’s fine.” But if you hate the film without seeing it or refuse to see it because of some suppressed rage toward the fact that a “good” 80s film got tainted with the stink of woman, then you are wrong. (I’m using the second person as the general “you”, not you specifically, Jan. Just to make that clear since some people thought we were attacking them personally.)

    2. We can critique the quality of the movie while still praising it for what it represents. We made fair points on the specifics of film-comedy film-quality (because let’s face it: very few comedies are actually genius art pieces and should be judges differently from high drama or sweeping epics), but we felt it was impossible to address this film without the massive elephant in the room (i.e., the exorbitant amount of internet rage over a film that had yet to come out). This film is important in a cultural context, perhaps more so than as a work of film, and our review style seeks to point that out.

      1. Even agreeing on your points, it gets tiring listening to so much of the same point being reiterated at length. This recording is more of a Ghostbusters controversy wrap-up than film review. And that can be bewildering considering you all gave it “One of the Best of the Year So Far” and “Best Comedy of the Year So Far” praises when very little of that was discussed. I think that this review could have been edited down to 10 minutes including the controversy and all the reviewing sections and be much better to listen to.

      2. First, fans did criticized TMNT. In the original script the turtles was suppose to be aliens. then the fan outcry then they change them back to mutants. also William Fichtner was suppose to play Shredder then fan outcry and they change it. which was a negative thing to me.
        I saw the movie and it kinda okay. first the pacing is off and they should have cut out like 30 minutes from the movie. also they kept too many add lib jokes. they need to remove all the cameos they were all horrible and really pointless. the characters were fine. the best were Holtzmann and Patty they seem to feel like real characters in the movie. also Erin play a good straight man in the movie too. the issue i have is Abby. Abby character became pointless after starting the business. to me they should have kill her character off. and in the next movie she come back as a ghost. also they should kept the dancing scene in the movie. they were going in that tone anyway so they should have kept the dancing and remove the cameos and the add lib. but basically it not a good movie. it a 5 out of 10 because they have good characters but the story is not good and a lot of the jokes didn’t landed too.

      1. Yeah same here. I’m honestly baffled when I see hate or love for this movie. It’s maybe the ultimate cinematic “Meh” of all time.

  8. The trailer looked like the most banal derivative overly CGI garbage I’ve seen in a while, but based on what y’all said in the review I might have to give this movie a chance.

    1. I like it when we can convince someone who might be hesitant to see a film to go out and see it. Worst case scenario is you wasted a couple hours and a few bucks.

  9. I would really like to hear a review of the GHOSTBUSTERS 2016
    from Chris and Beau. does anyone else feel the same

      1. I just really expected them to be on this review.
        I think everyone would still really like to hear their thoughts on it
        because they are big Ghostbusters fan

          1. you left Chris out of that. I am sure that Chris would love to be murdered as well. now Chris is just going to be jealous of Beau

            HEheHE ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. There is a spoiler review for subscribers with Chris and I think Herman on it, if you are interested in that. It might be worth the five or ten bucks to you.

      1. I’m sure you can find plenty of other reviews out there that will reinforce your confirmation bias. Have a blast.

        1. I said ” a good review”, meaning it could be a review that does not align with my opinion of the flic, but better than what i got with this review.

          1. It’s a big internet. I’m sure you’ll find something to fit your gold standard. But the oblique implication that somehow Chris and I would have shouted down or steered away from what Sarah, JC and Eliot said?

            Nope nope nope nope.

    1. Glad to have the opportunity to see this again. Saw it before I had any knowledge of the outrage and thought maybe I must’ve missed something, but no. Absolutely no warranty for the controversy whatsoever, so I’m glad the reviewers here managed to fit taking a huge dump on this guy without even bothering to actually watch his video in there with all the other obnoxious ignorant bullshit that’s in this review.

  10. I like the passion behind this review. Everyone’s so fired up, even if it gets a bit directionless at times. It’s fun to listen to though! I do agree with you guys in the review, it would be very hard to really review this movie without bringing up the huge amount of controversy surrounding it. Nigh impossible really, considering the sheer amount of vitriol aimed at it before it even came out.
    To all of the people commenting: They aren’t calling you assholes for not liking it. They reiterated this multiple times throughout the review. They are calling the sexist detractors assholes. They are calling the hyperbolic “fan boys” (For lack of a better term, I hate that the term fan boy) assholes for not giving the movie a chance, for automatically passing it off as forced progressivism or shaming it for not being original (This isn’t MY Ghostbusters) before it even came out. Having reservations about a movie because it doesn’t look good if fine, as they said in the review.

    How come the 2009 Star Trek movie didn’t get the same backlash? The 2010 Clash of the Titans? One is good and one is bad, but neither were so heavily dogged from their very inception as this movie was. And not just by out and proud sexists. That says a lot to me.

    If you are not a sexist detractor and if you are not a hyperbolic fan boy, then there is no reason this review should insult you. At all. If you don’t like it, fine. Just go see it first, or at the very least admit you have a biased opinion, or admit that you just don’t like this type of movie. No one will think less of you.

    1. When they announced that this would be a complete reboot I was sad that there would not be some sort of passing of the torch and no continuation of what came before. I instantly felt that it would be your run of the mill cash grab reboot/remake.

      Then I saw spy and really started looking forward to it (all I had seen from Melissa McCarthy at that point where movies that I had no interest at all in seeing since Bridesmaids and that utilized a lot of “girls can be gross too humor” which I didn’t mind).

      Then the trailer hit and it looked like exactly what I thought it would have been before spy. I think there is a lot of places that they could have gone with a complete reboot, where they didn’t have to remind you of the original.

      As for the other franchises mentioned here in the review and your post, I was never a big trekie, I have never seen the clash of the titans (either Ray Harry Housin or reboot garbage.) I grew up outside of transformers, and I bitched about TMNT when the original plan was just to have them be aliens.

      Nerd rage is a thing- unfortunately this movie got sexism along with it. But I felt like I shouldn’t see this movie in theaters unless it got good to great reviews.

  11. Oh, and another thing. I’m sorry Eliot, I like you man, I do! But honestly…Ghostbusters is just not that great of a franchise. The first movie was good, but good is about it. I can think of a lot more movies that I find funnier, specifically in the 80s. Every other media form of Ghostbusters; Ghostbusters 2, the 70s TV show, the cartoons, the Ecto Cooler, all range from thoroughly mediocre to downright terrible.

    I don’t understand why the internet is holding this franchise in the creative level as say, Star Trek, Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Mad Max, James Bond, Marvel, or DC. Its just not that type of movie franchise. It was a stupid 80s comedy that took a weird premise and made it fun due to the chemistry of the cast involved. That’s it. It was one decent movie that came out more than 30 years ago. Why are these women and this filmmaker “treading on sacred ground” by remaking a decent movie that came out more than 30 years ago? I don’t get it. I really don’t.

    (A little off topic, I know. Just wanted to get my thoughts out about this whole debacle to a community of people that is more accepting than most internet communities.)

    1. I think if you loved Ghostbusters as much as I and many others do (it’s in my top 3 movies of all time), you’d get why the hate is there. For me this was always about Hollywood Reboot Culture going too far, and it’s interesting you mention the J.J. Abrahms Star Trek in your other comment cos I had the exact same reaction to that too, as well as Robocop, Total Recall, The Thing prequel, hell even the goddamn A-Team movie!
      I think what really pisses me off the most now is that a couple of years ago, you said “Ghostbusters” to somebody and they thought of a fun well made movie that made people happy. Now all anyone is ever gonna think of when you say “Ghostbusters” is all this hate and ugliness on BOTH sides, and people can call this hyperbolic if they want but that IS going to taint this franchise forever, and it never woulda’ happened if they’d have just left well alone and not tried to remake every beloved classic under the sun just for a quick and easy buck with yet another reboot that nobody wanted.

  12. I’m looking sure to checking this out soon. Sure, it probably won’t be perfect – I’ve heard arguments regarding the plot set up and guest appearances, but I’ll give it a thumbs up if it remains entertaining and fun. Kids seem to be loving the hell out of it, so that’s a nice plus for it at least.

  13. I liked the first 20 – 30 minutes. Right after the concert it went downhill so fast, I could not believe it. Liked the cast, except McKinnon. Hated the last 30 minutes.
    Oh, and the cameos! Some of the worst Iยดve ever seen. Especially Aykroyd and Murray!

    The more I think about this movie, the more I dislike it.

    3/10 Meh…

  14. I will be going to see this next week, I have zero problem with female
    cast, I am a big fan of Marvel comics A-Force which has such.
    Sarah tell me this.
    How is you mocking people for having pasty skin different then guys mocking women for being overweight or being too thin?
    How is you dismissing someone as creepy because you dislike their
    mannerisms different then guys dismissing women as dykes for being not
    feminine enough?
    Why is stereotyping and bullying ok when you do it?
    Half the people on the net with shitty opinions like the ones your railing against have such opinions because people & sometimes women treat them like garbage in the same manner you gleefully did here.
    You are being a hypocrite.
    I am not trying to start a argument, I merely wish for you to consider this.
    I wish you & the rest of the HSR cast a decent rest of 2016 regardless.

  15. Elliott Fontenette

    To whom it may concern,

    First, I want to sincerely say thank you to everyone for your thoughtful comments. I am still relatively new, when compared to Chris, to being a critic and appreciate the comments. They will help me improve.

    As I was the one technically leading the review, please allow me to apologize if you felt personally offended by the contents of the review. I assure you that was not any of our intention. I really like the one of listeners and sincerely feel your comments substantially contributed to a valuable discussion.

    We were trying to address the casting controversy and backlash writ large and not specific persons, besides the angry video game nerd. I stand by that.

    That being said, I have gone back and listened to the review several times and I would like to see if I could more artfully express what I was trying to say.

    Basically, I spent so much time talking about the controversy because I felt it was warranted. I felt it was warranted because in my view the casting has colored how people have looked at it from the start. For good or bad. Now, I am not saying this affected how everyone viewed the upcoming movie, but I think it was a substantial factor in some people’s analysis of the movie.

    Realizing that “Ghostbusters” is a beloved franchise feelings were already going to be strong about any new movie, but I feel that without the casting of a female cast the reaction wouldn’t have been as pronounced.

    One small example of this pronounced effect is the fact that the trailer is currently the most disliked trailer in YouTube history. http://screencrush.com/ghostbusters-trailer-most-disliked-movie-trailer-in-history/ I happen to like the trailer but even a really bad trailer garnering that level of opposition something else might be at play.

    To be CLEAR I don’t think everyone who disliked it was sexist. In fact even those that sexism may have affected their view I don’t think it was explicit. I tend to think it was the implicit unseen bias that we all suffer from, from time to time. ME included. It is something I try my hardest to be conscious of.

    So often hollywood presents only the sex object or serious woman in big budget summer movies. It is only now becoming common place to have summer movies where women are complete characters.

    On top of that, it is not common to have hollywood make such a substantial change to have an entire principle cast be women or minorities and not be a niche product. For instance, they didnt name it “Ghost Girls”.

    Also, they didn’t have 3 men and 1 female ghostbuster. Most of us are used to that and probably would not have had a problem. To change the entire cast for some was likely a bit to much of a change for how they like to digest their entertainment.

    To be clear having that view doesn’t make you a SEXIST. Social norms are changing pretty fast and it can be hard to keep up. So please dont feel I am attacking anyone. If anything I am just asking people to recognize that anytime a minority or female group is headlining something there seems to be a higher bar to clear.

    By this I mean, “Ghostbusters 2016” had a higher threshold to hit to be accepted. It couldnt just be a mediocre entry into the franchise. The trailers couldn’t be your run of the mill trailer. It had to be amazing just to avoid bad feelings. In short, this movie I feel never quite got the benefit of the doubt.

    I stand by that assertion.

    I look forward to discussing this further, and I sincerely hope I did not upset anyone. I will be replying to any further comments tomorrow night. I have one of the biggest nights of my life tonight and am going to be otherwise engaged. hint – Its something Picard says.



  16. Wow. I don’t really know what to think of this. This has to be one of the best examples of a hugbox/safe-space in action. Literally no opposing points of view. Hell, I even felt that at some points you were just agreeing with Sarah because you didn’t want to offend her. I mean, holy fuck, some of the stuff Sarah said here is ridiculous. “If you go into the comments and say that you don’t have a problem with the women you’re a liar.” For real? You’ve never even fucking met these people yet you have no problem casting them all as sexist villains for not liking something you liked.

    This is a 30 minute review, and the majority is spent singing the films praises and vilifying those who don’t want to see it. You spend maybe four minutes talking about the negatives here. Like, what the fuck? No mention of the quality of the special effects? No mention of the story beyond pacing and character arcs? You guys said it’s not a perfect movie, but handwaved the negatives like they don’t matter. I almost feel like y’all are giving this good scores on principle, because it promotes an ideology you agree with. Are we seriously going to “be quoting this movie 20 years from now”? That’s a hell of a statement.

    Did you ever consider the considerable backlash was because the media make the very act of seeing this movie a political one? When this was first announced, I’m pretty sure there was little anger at all, until the media began pushing a narrative of “people dislike this because of sexism”, which in turn caused more anger, which caused more media backlash, and so on. This isn’t a black and white situation at all. “Only a Sith deals in absolutes”, right? And I find it funny that you say “you’re allowed to dislike the movie”. Thanks for permission, but why would I admit to disliking the movie when you spent the majority of the review calling those who dislike the film a sexist?

    I want to put my money where my mouth is and see the film. I like to be proven wrong and, even though I dislike Feig, I thought Spy was just OK. But it’s shit like this that makes me wary of seeing the film. What if I see it and think it’s shit? Guess I was secretly a misogynist all along.

    P.S. Let’s not even talk about the leaked Sony emails where they mentioned possibly taking legal action against Murray if he refused to cameo

    P.S.S. The Ghostbusters trailer is the most disliked MOVIE trailer on YT. The most disliked trailer in general is for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. I guess everyone who disliked that trailer hates men, right?

  17. 46 million dollar box office opening. Not bad, but probably a lukewarm start considering the brand name and its 144 million dollar budget.

  18. You know what, I wanted this to be bad because I didn’t think women could be funny, but I saw this movie…and I was right ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. I turned the review off as soon as the Angry Video Game Nerd was referenced. That was absolutely not what he said.

  20. Chris probably just needed to still be in on this discussion to moderate. This whole review felt very scatter brained. All I got was “it’s funny because woman = funny!!!” Then i saw the film, and thought the leads were fine, but the writing and direction was total crap.

  21. Seen it, like it, few flaws (weak villian, few part could been stronger) but overal it was lots of fun. Love the Holcman character but the rest of the cast was enjoyabel as well. The only joke that annoyed me was in the credits.

  22. I hope people are saying that they made a movie with good busts on social media trolls because to me it doesn’t mean that they made a good movie about people who bust ghosts. Not sure what the original movie was busting on, maybe political red tape of city hall and reckless innovation for a good cause. If the intention was to make a good movie, I felt they were mostly there. If the intent became less of what the original concept, let’s make it social commentary redressed in these uniforms, I don’t think it conveys such . . I don’t think it trumpets girl power or downplays boy power, accept for the receptionist and maybe that shot to the balls . . you know the shot.

  23. Yikes. This review deserves every piece of criticism its getting in the comments section. This has got to be one of the worser reviews on the site.

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