Thumbtacks & Screwjobs – Episode 3


Goodbye Heel Heat, hello Thumbtacks and Screwjobs! Don’t worry, it’s still the same hour of wrestling talk with Gene and Richard, as they ponder the new-found freedom and free agent status of Cody Rhodes, examine the mystery push of Dan Brooke, and wonder who taught The Revival to cut such perfect promos for their gimmicks. Plus they look back on Extreme Rules, forward to NXT: The End, weigh the pros and cons of the brand split, and continue to be blown away by the long, slow decline into madness that is … TNA on Pop!

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6 thoughts on “Thumbtacks & Screwjobs – Episode 3”

  1. I’d say Dana’s big push is largely due to Emma getting injured – having Emma, Dana and Charlotte as a pretty formidable faction would’ve made a lot more sense than this wierd pairing we’re stuck with now.
    Also, kudos on getting the topics a little more up to date this time.

    1. Richard_Whittaker

      Yeah, we had some technical issues with the first two episodes that delayed their posting, but don’t worry, we’ll be up to date from now on!

    2. Richard_Whittaker

      And my gut is that they put Dana with Charlotte to give her something to do after Emma. Now it means that we have this long, slow, pointless Becky/Natalya v Charlotte/Dana feud that feels like a holding pattern until we get past the draft. Sadly, Emma could have made Dana a star. Now she’s the weird fourth wheel.

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