Somebody Likes It Ep 76: The Smiths – “The Smiths”

You know what’s cool? When you go out to a bar and some drunk asshole is going on and on about a record, or tv show, or movie they REALLY love and you just have to sit there and take it. Well, imagine 3 drunk assholes doing that, and you’ll be hot on the case of what we are doing the next 3 weeks with a thing we call “I Like It” (really selling it huh)? This week, I’m up and I picked The Smiths-The Smiths, the debut album by my favorite band The Smiths (duh). A fine time was had by all. Not sure if it makes for good radio, but any time you are talking about the straight up weirdo tortured genius that is Morrissey, interesting tidbits are bound to pop up.

NEXT WEEK ON SOMEBODY LIKES IT: Ryan is up to bat and we take aim at Travis-The Man Who…and Matt Munoz stops by, and so should you. —-Shane

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