Highly Suspect Reviews: Warcraft


Duncan Jones (or as Herman insists, Zoey Bowie) moves from sci-fi indies to fantasy blockbuster as the great wall keeping us from having quality video game film adaptations is given another attempt to be breached. But does he succeed? Is this a historical moment to remember? Or, as some have dubbed it, the new Battlefield Earth? Are green women with tusks sexy? You’ll have to listen to Ed, Elliott, and Herman to find out.


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1 thought on “Highly Suspect Reviews: Warcraft”

  1. I think the people saying this is as bad as Battlefield Earth want this movie to be bad and already have a prejudice against it. I’ve seen that movie and this is nowhere near that bad. You don’t see the orcs shouting about how before they could spell their name or whatever. Even though its not saying much this is one of the best/better video game based movies. And I hope it gets a sequel that gets improved. It’s got the stories to help

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