Highly Suspect Reviews: TMNT: Out of the Shadows


The turtles are back and this time they’re joined by…well, lots of characters that will make fans of the 90s cartoon just like CRAZY happy. Other folks? Maybe not so much. We try to delineate that line in the sand with our two teams. On team turtle: JC and Elliott. On team calling bullshit: Chris and Herman. Decide for yourself.


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14 thoughts on “Highly Suspect Reviews: TMNT: Out of the Shadows”

  1. Herman, I can tell you, without even having seen Out of the Shadows, that it is far better than Transformers 4. Almost anything is better than Transformers 4. It’s probably the first movie I’ve ever seen where I got an hour in and I had to get up and go sit in the theater hallway just to give myself a 10-15 minute break. And if I’m making you curious about seeing it with this post, DON’T. Do something more productive with your life and go stare at a pile of dogshit for 6 hours. It will be far more entertaining and will feel shorter.

    1. Critically this is doing about the same as the 1st TMNT, but fan-wise it’s split between loving it or hating it…which is much better than the first one because the best I heard from fans for the first one was “It wasn’t as bad as I thought.”

    1. This mentions a few of his previous statements. Tyson has mostly been outspoken about philosophy rather than things like history, literature, etc.


      I think he’s too closed minded on the subject, but I think it’s understandable since his entire area of study focuses purely on what can be observed under a microscope or through a telescope rather than what can be inferred from discussion/observation of human action and behavior.

      1. While I like DeGrasse Tyson and enjoy when he talks about space I learned long time ago that just cose a person is brilliant in one field dosen’t change the fact he can be ignorant in something else, so when Neil spokes out-side of his scienence I don’t treat him like oracle. He can be wrong. I meet many people who where geniuses in their scienece but where totaly clules in every day stuff. Inteligence is relative.

  2. I’ll just say, Ninja please! If you let Michael Bay “ruin” your childhood, then you never had a childhood worth holding on to. So stop playing the victim card whenever Michael Bay does something with the 80s.

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