Highly Suspect Reviews: The Purge: Election Year


This third chapter of James DeMonaco’s Purge series continues the tradition of opening the scope of the story. Whereas the first was a home, the second was a city, this film focuses on the country. Elizabeth Mitchell is running for President on a anti-Purge ticket, and the New Founding Fathers party, who are heavily invested in the continuation of the Purge (IE: evil) lift the ban on government workers from being Purged for what could be the final year. Of course, so they can take out Mitchell during the 12 hours of chaos and then their precious Purge doesn’t have to end. What they don’t realize is that when you’ve got Frank Grillo as your personal security, no amount of Nazi black ops guys are gonna be enough to get the job done. Chris, Richard, and Elliott purge their feelings in the review.


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5 thoughts on “Highly Suspect Reviews: The Purge: Election Year”

  1. I usually can turn my brain off for unbelievable set-ups, but I never could for the Purge movies. I’m guess I’m like Jeff from Rage Select in that I think when government order collapses society wouldn’t devolve into complete choas and people would easily realize that cooperation is a lot better than mindlessly killing everyone

    1. I really like Jeff’s thoughts on that, but I’ve read way too many history books to believe for a second that people won’t slaughter each other in mass, or won’t sell their own children for a slab of dog meat two or three weeks after things start to go bad. I hope people would work together, but history disagrees.

  2. I like the first “Purge movie”. It’s no materpeace but I like the concept and I can streach my disbelive enough to buy a word where it “works” (or at least people acept the idea)

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