Highly Spoileriffic Reviews: Independence Day: Resurgence


The aliens are back! And so are Fox’s hopes to get a franchise out of Roland Emmerich’s ID4, only 20 years later. This time around the world feels more prepared, as they’ve adapted much of the alien tech and advanced significantly, preparing themselves for interstellar defense in the future, only they hadn’t met the worst that their antagonists had to offer. Nor have we met the worst this franchise has to offer. Listen to Chris, Herman, Elliott and Hai hem and haw about the relative merits of this sequel in this SPOILER-LADEN review.


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3 thoughts on “Highly Spoileriffic Reviews: Independence Day: Resurgence”

  1. Is there a chance of Hai being on more reviews going forward? I thought he was great on this one (also, am I the only one who thinks he sounds a lot like Johnny Neill?).

    1. We’d love to have Hai back on too. I don’t hear the Johnny Neill similarity, but maybe I’ve just known both of them for too long to tell.

  2. Don’t worry about objectivism Elliot.”Objectionist Reviews” is an oxymoron because people at the end of the day want opinion…but somehow want to avoid bias which is pretty much impossible as everyone subconsciously has bias. Having opinions isn’t the problem, but to me, I think the key is learning how to explain and deduce those opinions without throwing bricks at others. See this video for proof.


    It was a fun review. Don’t think I’ll be seeing this until rental status.

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