Heel Heat: Episode 2


Did WWE Payback leave you feeling short changed? Richard and Eugene pull apart the pieces of the post-Wrestlemania hangover show, and celebrate that the best parts of NXT are now making Raw look so, so much better. Richard gets excited that Kevin Owens is being more Owens-y than ever, and defends the Hype Bros! Eugene drops the elbow on 50-50 booking! They both swing chairs at the meaninglessness of the titles! Plus the long, slow death of TNA, getting excited over the Not-Bullet Club and crying in their Wrestlemania XXVII commemorative cups about the stupid, stupid decision to get rid of Damien Sandow.


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2 thoughts on “Heel Heat: Episode 2”

  1. Once again, love that you’re doing a wrestling podcast, but I don’t understand why there is such a long gap between recording the podcast and uploading it – you’re talking about stuff I’d literally forgotten about. It’s especially irksome that you open the show by saying that on the next episode (which I’m guessing will hit in several weeks) you’ll be talking about stuff that other wrestlings podcasts have already covered in depth.
    Please take this as constructive criticism rather than moaning – I want to love this podcast, but it’s hard when it feels like a podcast from a month ago.

  2. El Pollo Guerrera

    Again, love the show, can not wait to hear you talk about the dumpster fire that is current TNA and the “situation” that you were JUST ABOUT to say at the end.

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