Highly Suspect Reviews: Alice Through the Looking Glass


There isn’t time enough in the world to sit through an ill-conceived sequel to Disney and Tim Burton’s ill-conceived ‘reboot’ of Alice in Wonderland. But hey, that’s what we’re here for, so you don’t have to. Chris, Richard, and Herman tell you all about this tale of Alice’s return to Wonderland and her quest to save the Mad Hatter from angst. DEATH angst.


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15 thoughts on “Highly Suspect Reviews: Alice Through the Looking Glass”

  1. I would actually PAY MONEY for Chris and Richard to review Yoga Hosers AND to be in the room with them, because it would make me so happy to witness their wrathful fury and misery in person. I know, I’m fucked up.

      1. If only I lived anywhere near Austin. Maybe some other lucky bastard will take my idea and run with it.

      2. And the icing on the cake would be if I could talk my dad into coming with me and getting him to debate you guys, because he is actually stupid enough to have LOVED Tusk.

    1. I am really annoyed with kevin smith’s new gimmick being “Hey Canadians are weird right?” just saying kevin, I may be a forgiving canadian but fuck off keep you crap in the state beacuse you are burning what good will you had with me faster and faster

  2. I’m clapping my hands for the pure schadenfreude that will be experienced listening to Chris and Richard do a Yoga Hosers review. If enough of us clap we can make this happen!

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