Heel Heat: Episode 1


Ding ding! Coming out swinging with our new pro-wrestling podcast, Richard and Eugene threw down just after Wrestlemania, and pondered (yet again) why NXT is so much better than the WWE main product. Get our complete rundown of the view of the grandest stage of them all from inside the arena and from a comfortable couch!



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2 thoughts on “Heel Heat: Episode 1”

  1. El Pollo Guerrera

    19:52 – Sandow was released from the WWE on May 6th.

    21:45 – does this mean that the Social Outcasts are turning into the joke version of the Wyatt Family?

    32:30 – Barrett also left May 6th.

    1:24:25 – Joe/Lesnar? I’ll just file that under ‘dream matches’ because I don’t see it happening… but damn that could be good.

    All in all, a nice show. Can’t wait to hear the next one!

  2. Real happy OneofUs finally has a dedicated wrasslin’ podcast. I do hope future episodes are a bit more up to date though – things happen fast in the world of wrestling.

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