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Digital Noise Episode 131: Wild Horses and Bad Memories

Richard and Marco get set recording in new digs but it’s back to the same business as they lay out for you reviews of the newest blu-rays and dvds to hit the streets. And you know how some DN episodes are full with movies that weren’t on your radar at all before, but after listening to the episode you’re glad to have discovered them? Yeah, this week is filled with those.

BluWhereInvadeNextReview   BluMustangReview   BluRegressionReview

Empty Space

BluScherzoDiabolicoReview   BluMansonsLostGirlsReview   BluEmelieReview

Empty Space

BluSubmergedReview   BluDolemiteReview   BluMojinTheLostLegendReview

Empty Space

BluRememberReview   BluWarAndPeaceReview


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