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Digital Noise Episode 128: It’s a long trip from Point Break to Point Break

Joe and Chris team up to tackle a wide range of blu-ray and dvd releases this week: from the new Point Break to Hateful 8; From The Big Short to Black Mama, White Mama. We cover it all. And this week, your chance to win a film by the lauded writer/director of Troll 2, with Alice Cooper’s only lead role in a film, the delightfully horrible, Monster Dog!

BluHateful8Review   BluBlackMamaWhiteMamaReview   BluRageofHonorReview

Empty Space

BluArchers6Review   BluBansheeS3Review   BluUndertowReview

Empty Space

BluExposedReview   BluTumbledownReview   BluMissYouAlreadyReview

Empty Space

Empty SpaceBluChildredOfTheStarsReview   BluBrighterSummerDayReview   BluTheTripReview

Empty Space

BluPointBreakNewReview   BluTheBigShortReview   BluMockingjayPt2Review

Empty Space

BluForceAwakensReview   BluMonsterDogReview

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