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Weekly Live Oneofus.Show from Mr Tramps in Austin

That’s right, now you can come out every week to see Chris and Brian (that’s right, Brian) along with a host of your other favorites from, appear live on stage. At 11:30 pm every Thursday, the gang will take the stage at Mr. Tramps in Austin, Texas for their brand of wacky hijinx. If you’re in Austin, you can attend for no charge! In fact, even better, Mr Tramps after Midnight offers 1$ pizzas with a pitcher of beer. Can’t beat those deals.

If you don’t live in Austin, you don’t have to feel left out either. Just go to Mr Tramps Ustream page and check us out live streaming there. Or wait till we rip the audio from it and put it on our iTunes feed.

We do so hope you come out to join us though. We will regularly pull people up from the audience (but only those who want to be) and it will be a good beer-soaked time had by all being geeky about our favorite things. Keep in mind, the better our attendance is for these early shows, the better the chances this whole podcast showcase the bar does will get moved forward to a better time slot. So take that espresso shot and come on out and join us!