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Highly Suspect Reviews: Zootopia

What would happen if man had never evolved and instead, the animal kingdom had been allowed to grow without our toxic interference and become upright and intellectually capable? It seems unlikely the entirety of said animal kingdom would have all evolved as such, but hey, who am I overthinking a Disney cartoon, right? You gotcher fluffy bunny (Ginnifer Goodwin) who wants to break away from rabbit stereotypes and join the largely predator-staffed police force. You’ve got the sly con man fox (Jason Bateman) who wants nothing to do with the bunny but gets conned by the cop into helping her. And you’ve got a police force that is embarrassed by the very presence of a bunny on it. The last thing this fluffy bunny is gonna do is put up with that so she takes on a big missing persons (erm, mammals) case to try to prove herself. As does JC, Herman and Chris as they take on this film review.

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