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Highly Spoileriffic Reviews: Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

It’s finally here. The moment fans have been waiting for. The heavens will shake when Batman and Superman finally clash on screen…mainly because the music is ridiculously loud.

Ok, so no, we weren’t big fans of Zach Snyder’s latest entry in DC’s movie universe. A whole bunch of us felt, to varying degrees, let down. But we honestly had trouble deciding how to really express everything we felt about the film without heading deeply into spoiler territory. So, what you get is a spoiler review. If you DON’T want this film spoiled for you, PLEASE wait till after you’ve seen it to listen. I suspect even the comments will contain spoilers. And probably don’t listen at all if you come from the viewpoint of “Screw you guys, this movie is going to be the best thing ever no matter what anyone says.” No point in driving up your blood pressure.

So, with all that being said, here’s Chris, Herman, JC, Richard, Joe, Elliott and Beau with their review…

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