Digital Noise Ep 127: Their Primary Instinct is to Kill or Be Killed


Richard and Marco take the helm of this week’s episode of Digital Noise and they have a lot of goodness for ya, and a lot of it is stuff I’ll just bet wasn’t even on your radar…at all. Aren’t these the best episodes of DN? The thrill of discovery. You don’t want to miss this one, and you also have a chance to win “Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine” on blu-ray. Listen up!

BluGogReview   BluDonVerdeanReview   BluForbiddenRoomReview

Empty Space

BluCarolReview   BluWarMenWomenReview   BluChildrenDeadThingsReview

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BluPrimaryInstinctReview   BluSheikReview   BluFrankenstein2016Review

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BluKillorBeKilledReview   BluSteveJobsMachineReview

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7 thoughts on “Digital Noise Ep 127: Their Primary Instinct is to Kill or Be Killed”

  1. Whoever sends you guys movies seems to be slacking on the criterion and scream factory and upping on the crap.

    1. We usually have never gotten more than one or two Criterions a month. Shout/Scream Factory suddenly decided to stop sending me emails, responding to my phone calls, or anything. No idea why. And good lord I’ve tried to find out. Kind of a dick move considering how long and how strongly we’ve promoted their brand.

      1. Those basterds! Oh well, it’s sometimes more fun to listen to the bad reviews, though I know it’s no fun for you guys.

        1. You got me. Not that I’ve heard but who knows? They cut me off with such force and have so refused to speak to me about it, I can’t help but wonder if somebody there has me confused with someone else of the same extremely common name and has something personal against other Chris Cox. It’s to that degree of cold. And pretty unprofessional.

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