Watch a Movie With Us: Green Lantern


It seemed relevant, what with a really good Ryan Reynolds superhero movie about to come out, to do a commentary for a really bad one. That’s ‘Green Lantern’ we’re talking about. Damn did we have high hopes for this one. But to no avail as what we got was a pretty mediocre entry in the genre and a badly miscast Reynolds. To give this one its proper due, we brought out our favorite bar owner, and huge fan of Green Lantern COMICS, Miguel, and our own perennial bad boy, Beau (who hadn’t actually seen this yet). Expect chaotic hilarity.

If you’re a Time Lord or above subscriber you can watch along with us. Just download the MP3 from your subscriber lounge in the forums, sync it up with the movie as per the instructions in the beginning of the podcast, and hopefully have just as much fun listening as we did recording this one.

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