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Watch a Movie With Us: Escape From New York


When Rod (our publisher) asked me, “Hey, have you guys ever done a commentary for Escape From New York? I’d love to do that one with ya’ll”, my first instinct was, OF COURSE we’d done a commentary for it. It’s one of Brian’s favorite movies ever (and no slouch in the awesome department for Chris either) and we’d made a point of doing Carpenter films a lot. Wait, REALLY we didn’t? So, Brian, of course, came back for this one. I think you’re going to love watching the exploits of Snake Plissken and hearing the endless trivia machines that are Brian Salisbury and Rod Paddock comment on it (while Chris tries bravely to make some jokes). Listen in with us, won’t you?

If you’re a Time Lord or above subscriber you can watch along with us. Just download the MP3 from your subscriber lounge in the forums, sync it up with the movie as per the instructions in the beginning of the podcast, and hopefully have just as much fun listening as we did recording this one.

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